New World

“From beginning to end, this album was like a buffet of beautiful lyrics sung by a very eloquent voice.”
~~ Aussie Osbourne


“Elisa is an elegant soul. This classically trained musician blends her incredible vocal talents with a heartfelt take on life and some goose bumping harmonies. Her new release, New World, dances around the globe, taking musical and spiritual influences from every corner. With tracks like ‘We are So Much More’ and ‘Namaste Fever’, the message is one of unlimited potential and love.”
~~ Album of the Month, April 2013, p. 43


“This CD will appeal to people who enjoy World Music and World Beat; it also has a great deal to offer in terms of New Age spirituality and enlightenment. … True classical beauty is to be found in the ‘Ave Maria: Mother of the Light’, based on the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria. And a lovely light humor is present in ‘Wiggle Your Toes’, based on the traditional Irish ‘Merrily Kissed the Quaker’s Wife’… The opening track, ‘Invocation’, is narrated by a number of people; one track is repeated in several different languages. To say that this is powerful and thought-provoking would be an understatement… This CD is underpinned throughout by varied instrumentation, and the classical expertise and experience of Elisa Brown herself. …the whole production is a tribute to the people involved. For the listener, it is a rewarding and unusual experience.”
~~ Anne Prosser, Paradigm Shift Magazine Issue 60, Feb.-April 2013


“Soprano singer, Elisa Brown, produces a diverse array of classically-inspired songs with various jazz, rock, folk, Celtic, and new age elements in a world beat stew. The international vocal arrangements reflect Scandinavian, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Indian cultural subtexts with varied vocals from various international sources. … Eleven songs reflect a world music presence that is encompassing, engaging, and full of rich sonic textures. ….Elisa Brown’s new work, New World, is a marked achievement in the world music, new age, and world beat genres. Elisa’s ability to change from operatic to pop vocal patterns creates a versatile recording. … The help of Grammy Award-winning producer, Barry Goldstein, adds another dimension to the album that only increases its desirability. Ultimately, the music is what will keep listeners coming back for more. The new world has arrived and Elisa Brown is leading the musical revolution.”
~~ Matthew Forss, InsideWorldMusic


As I listened to Brown’s voice, I was reminded at times of Julie Andrews. No spoonful of sugar, this CD. Instead, NEW WORLD is a rich soup pot of world music flavors and textures that nourish the listener…body, mind and spirit.
~~ Edie Weinstein for


“The beautiful, angelic-sounding strains of soprano Elisa Brown, accompanied by the glorious music of Grammy Award-winning producer/composer Barry Goldstein, can transport you to a place of joy, ease, and greater connection to Spirit-a new world, indeed. Enjoy!”
~~ Science of Mind Online Media Review, Editors’ Pick

The United Nation’s specially invited artist representative Elisa Brown has a voice like from heaven; her melodious, soulful singing has long been echoing in the deep valley of Taihang Mountain, transforming the water from the Red Flag Canal of Linzhou into the new energy for pursuing peace.
~~ (Premiere of NEW WORLD at UN 2012 World Peace Day in Linzhou, China) NetEast/


“Elisa Brown is an inspiring soprano singer with a passion for peace.

Elisa’s music is making an impact. In September, she premiered two of her new songs [from her latest CD, New World] at the first UN 2012 International Day of Peace Concert in Linzhou, Henan Province, China, singing songs of peace and hope to an audience of 10,000 Chinese people, many of whom walked 20 miles to attend this inaugural event.’

The chorus of We Are So Much More inspires hope. Near the song’s end, the small, shining voice of a 9-year-old Sarah McIlroy emerges in a beautiful solo:

We are the love.
We are the light.
We are the vision in the night.
The time is now to claim our truth:
to recreate this world anew.

Yes, the time is now.”

~~ 2012 CreativeSlush,


“…it’s the coolest thing when people of other genres of music join us. When Elisa Brown, a trained

classical singer, sings “Summertime” or “Your Cheatin Heart”, the crowd goes wild! (It workds big time;

trust me.)

~~ Dave Fields, Big City Rhythm & Blues, June/July 2008, p. 30